moko is built upon the foundations of decades of interior design and manufacturing experience with sculptural wooden surfaces. our success relies on the merged approach of design and manufacturing, with a constant development of innovative styles and surface finishes increasing the richness of our range. it is this heritage and knowledge that has formed m o k o interior.

what we do

m o k o interior creates handcrafted multi-layer wooden wall coverings. our mission is to create beautiful, exclusive coverings for those clients who require a sensual, unique aesthetic experience in their

home, hotel, retail or office space. 


zsolt karajz was born in 1968 in hungary. he studied interior design at the moholy-nagy university of arts and graduated in 1993. since then he has created numerous exclusive spaces for banks, luxury retail stores, chain stores and for private individuals as well.

while designing interiors with great zeal he also fervently studies new materials and shapes in order to make indoor spaces the most exciting possible.

after more than 20 years of experience karajz is launching his own brand onto the international market. the unique moko interior wooden panels are designed and manufactured with so much care and artistry that they are worthy or even essential ingredients for even the most special spaces.