MOKO Interior produces handcrafted multi-layer wooden wall coverings by bending the veneers into 3D shapes. Our standard collection consists of 12 motifs with an infinite range of bespoke pieces. We are based in Budapest, Hungary, yet we offer worldwide services.

Our company is built upon the foundations of decades of interior design and manufacturing experience with sculptural wooden surfaces. Heritage, knowledge and constant development of innovative styles have shaped MOKO Interior.

Our mission is to create beautiful, exclusive coverings for those, who require a sensual, unique and aesthetic experience in their home, in a hotel or office space. For a perfectly personalised interior we set no limits on our quest nor in custom size, shape, veneer type or surface finish.

Our collection was designed by Zsolt Karajz. The inspiration behind each motif comes from the nature – mountains, landscapes, rivers and deserts had a huge influence on his art.

The people working in the production have a special perspective and sense for creating wooden surfaces. The real value of MOKO panels lays in the bare-handed craftsmanship. We intend to create the highest quality products, excluding mass production in the classic sense. For some parts of the production process we only use high-tech computer-controlled machines, however the visible surface treatments require the high quality handicraft that cannot be replaced by machinery.