What are MOKO panels made of? 

MOKO panels are made of real wooden veneers. We only use the best quality wood originated from forests planted for production purposes. We work with FSC certified wood veneers only and make sure that the adhesives and surface treatments used are eco-friendly also.  


What does the standard collection consist of?

We have 12 patterns, 3 veneer types (American walnut, white oak, stained anigre) and 3 surface treatment options (matte, satin, soft touch) in our standard collection. 


What is the technology behind MOKO panels?

MOKO panels are not made of solid wood, we use multi-layer wooden veneers, that are applied on an MDF frame. For some parts of the production process we only use high-tech computer-controlled machines, however the visible surface treatments require the high-quality handicraft that cannot be replaced by machinery.


What are the measurements of the panels?

The size of a standard panel is 940x940mm (37”x37”). However, there are two motifs with different recommended sizes. Matra is 600x600mm (23,6”x23,6”), Tunguska is 564x564mm (22,2”x22,2”). The depth of them vary from 50 to 100mm depending on the pattern. 


How heavy is one panel?

The individual panels weigh between 8-10kg, depending on the pattern.


Is it possible to use MOKO panels outdoor?

At the moment our product can only be used indoor, but the outdoor solution is under development.


Do you have 3D models to plan with?

Yes, You can ask for them on the contact page with filling the form.



How are the panels packed?

We use special packaging materials for long distance shipping to ensure the safe delivery of the goods.


What is your shipping policy?

Our shipping policy is Ex Works, however we can help with the arrangement of the shipment if needed. 


Can I get veneer samples?

Yes, you can. We provide veneer samples of our standard collection (American walnut, white oak, anigre) with 3 surface treatment options (satin, matt, soft touch). Please contact our sales team at


Can I get small 3D samples of your panels?

We do not produce small 3D samples, because the special production technique requires a minimum size of 500x500mm (19,69“x19,69”). 


Can I get a life-size panel as a sample?

Yes, please contact our sales team at for a special quotation.



Is it possible to order custom size panels?

Yes, our panels can be customized between 500x500mm (19,69“x19,69”) and 1300x1300mm (51,18”x51,18”). In case we cannot cover the wall surface with whole panels, we can cut them accordingly. 


Are the panels available with different veneers besides the standard collection (American walnut, white oak, stained anigre)?

Yes, we can produce the panels with almost any veneer type available on the market.


Are there any extra surface treatment options available?

Yes, we are open for your customization ideas, please contact our team. So far, we have produced high gloss, fire rated, gold or leather covered panels. 


Are there any sound absorbing versions of the collection?

Yes, this could be a bespoke option. The sound absorbing panels are filled with fiberglass and fleece, and they have 30% acoustic perforation on their surface. The allocation of the holes can be custom designed. 



What is the method for installing MOKO panels?

The installation method is facilitated by back base panels made of MDF. We use these back bases behind each wooden panel. You can download our installation manual here. 

Who makes the installation of the panels? 

The installation of the panels is very easy, thanks to the detailed installation manual and the professionally prepared package that we provide. However, we can give a price offer for the mounting support on site if needed.


Is it possible to install the panels on the ceiling?

Yes, it is, in this case fixing brackets are needed. 



Do you keep stock?

No, our production is project based.


How can I get an offer? 

You can contact our headquarter in Budapest at directly for quotation or pricelist. We need the exact size of the wall surface to be able to prepare drawings with different options and the offer for the requested quantity.


How can I order? 

You can purchase directly from our sales team in Budapest at We need the size, quantity, veneer type and surface treatment to be specified before starting the production. 


What is the minimum order quantity? 

There is no minimum quantity, you can order even one piece.


What is the standard production time?

In general, our production time is 7-8 weeks for a normal sized wall: 3x3, 3x4 or 4x4 panels. If larger sizes or bespoke solutions are required, than we have to check the lead time with the developing and manufacturing division.

What are your payment terms?

We usually require 50% in advance to start the production and 50% before the shipment.